Homemade Bow Blind

Homemade Bow Blind

by Zane Graham

As bow hunters we could always use another blind but we don’t always want to go out and pay $200+ for a pop up blind.

  1. photo 2I have a solution to that; it requires minimal materials and is cheap! All you need is 2) 4×16 fence panels, an old trampoline mat, wire, and spray paint. To start, cut the fence panel to your desired length, I cut mine at 14ft. Cut the other panel in half length-wise to make it 2’x14′ then wire it to the 4’x14′ piece to make it 6’x14′.
  2. Then bend it over so it’s like a dome or an upside down U and about 4.5′ wide. It’s easier if you have someone helping you so they can hold it and you can tie the panel together with rope or something to hold it in place and in the right shape. Cut a piece of the remaining panel 2’x4.5′ and wire it to the bottom of the front. Attach something to the bottom of the back such as pvc pipe to hold the back end together.
  3. Take the trampoline mat and attach it to the panel the best you can. You might need a more than one trampoline mat, so if you can get two mats, that’s great.
  4. Use your creativity to come up with a door. I used a piece of panel and wired it to the blind where it would swing open and shut. I then attached a door spring to it where it’d hold it shut securely but could also be opened. Spray paint the blind with green and brown to give it a camouflage look. Cut a shooting hole out of the front of the blind. The trampoline mat works great because you can see out of it from inside the blind but from the outside it is hard to see through.
  5. When you set it up in the field be sure to throw some brush around it and try and tuck it in to some brush to make it look hidden.

Now, you should have you a great blind for that Western Whitetail to walk in front of. Good luck!

Homemade Bow Blind

photo 3

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