Turkey Broadheads


Turkey Broadheads

The Wraith broadhead system from BloodSport is setting new standards accuracy, durability and value, and nowhere is that more apparent than with the TURKEY LOPPER and TURKEY BODYSHOT. First and foremost, these Wraith system heads are the most deadly and accurate turkey broadheads money can buy.

Even better, it doesn’t take a pile of money to get outfitted with these versatile broadheads. Because all Wraith broadheads use the same ferrule, once you’ve purchased your first set, you can switch to any of the other four available configurations just by purchasing new blades. That means you can essentially shoot the same broadhead every time you head afield, but with each one configured for maximum lethality for whatever game you are after on that given hunt.

Not only does this system save money, it also ensures you’re shooting an accurate broadhead of the highest quality possible every time you step in the woods. The Wraith system is so versatile, it even lets you choose between two different turkey configurations, based on whether you prefer head shots or body shots.
TURKEY LOPPER broadheads cause big old toms to lose their minds – literally. Three large, fixed forward-angle blades provide a massive cutting area (2 3/8 inches) that actually helps center shots to the all-important neck and spine of a turkey.

TURKEY BODYSHOT heads also feature a blades-forward design, but with a more compact 1 1/8th cutting diameter. This head is designed to penetrate a turkey’s unusually elastic feathers and skin and do massive damage to internal organs.

The heart of all Wraith system broadheads is BloodSport’s exclusive Scooptail ferrule. Made of super-hard 100-percent stainless steel, all Wraith heads start with a cut-on-contact tip, followed by the Scooptail ferrule’s reaming base, which cleans out the wound channel while solidly anchoring each set of blades.
Sharing the same quality ferrule allows all Wraith heads to have remarkably similar flight characteristics, and makes it a breeze to switch between the LOPPER or BODYSHOT configurations, or any of the other Wraith blade sets.

Wraith Turkey Lopper Features:

  • Takes a tom’s head clean off. Reverse-angled blades direct off-center shots to the turkey’s head/neck.
  • Shoots well through ground blind mesh!
  • 2 3/8 in. cutting diameter
  • 125 Grains

Wraith Turkey Bodyshot Features:

  • TURKEY BODYSHOT reverse angle blades funnel and cut the ultra-elastic tissue of a turkey that tends to slide around standard blades. This is why turkeys are so difficult to kill. Not anymore! Shoots well through ground blind mesh!
  • 1 1/8 in. cutting diameter
  • 100 Grains

To learn more, please visit – www.bloodsportarchery.com.

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