Hunter’s Specialties Drury Turkey Locator Calls

Hunter’s Specialties Introduces New Drury Turkey Locator Calls

Hunter’s Specialties Introduces New Drury Turkey Locator Calls

Hunter’s Specialties Drury Turkey Locator Calls

Hunters Specialties, an industry leader in scent control products, game calls, attractants, and more, proudly introduces two new turkey locator calls that were developed with their friends at Drury Outdoors!

The DOD Howler will locate coyotes as well as make coyotes howl, but where it really shines is locating Spring turkeys. Easy to use, this locator will hit the high-frequency range and get gobblers to announce their presence from up to a mile away. A closed reed design, this call only requires air, and the more the better. You literally cannot overblow it! It emits sharp barks and howls of an Alpha male coyote. With a little practice, one can be locating roosted gobblers in no time! A wooden mouthpiece coupled with a high-density horn this call looks as good as it sounds.


  • High Frequency, realistic coyote howler
  • Wood barrel & high-density plastic horn
  • Injection-molded internals
  • Locates gobblers up to 1 mile

The DOD Crow Locator is comprised of a wooden mouthpiece and wooden barrel coupled with a mylar reed and emits some of the most realistic crow calls on the market! So realistic that a gobbler cannot resist answering the challenge. Use this crow call to keep track of your target gobbler as you close in on him! High pitched and extremely realistic, this call is a tool you will want to keep in your turkey vest at all times.


  • Premium crow call
  • Wood barrel
  • Wooden inserts for unmatched realism
  • High Frequency
  • Mylar reed

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