Hunting Draw Odds, the Truth

Hunting Draw Odds

Hunting Draw Odds - goHUNTIf you are one of the many Western Hunters that applies to hunt several states each year, then you understand the importance of having the best hunting draw odds data at your disposal. To draw Western hunts, the Western Hunter needs more than the simple calculation of tags available divided by the number of applicants. To be successful, we need access to the idiosyncrasies of each states application process including resident Vs. non-resident, bonus points/preference points, the randomness of the draw, and so on. Luckily, we live in the technology-age, and there are an increasing number of products available to make us successful hunters by giving us the best chance to draw a tag.

In 2013–a family of dedicated Nevada hunters with a passion for hunting the West–established a new professional online service, goHUNT.

WHAT WE NOTICED? Even though there are more than two million active western big game hunters in the U.S., there isn’t a place for them on the web. We looked for a professional site with feature articles, photo galleries and cool editorial content that we would want to read and share with our hunting friends–and we couldn’t find one.

goHUNT brought in exceptional talent to create an interactive, online community based on breaking news, hunting lifestyle, expert advice and data-based insights for hunters. While it took a number of years to develop a truthful measure of hunting draw odds data for the Western states, it has done so now. As part of its subscription package, goHUNT currently offers hunting draw odds for the following states: Arizona | Colorado | Idaho | Montana | Nevada | New Mexico | Oregon | Utah | Wyoming.

Additionally, the team at goHUNT has unveiled a new process of formulating draw data, which they claim is The most accurate hunting draw odds ever.” The following video describes their process to give you the best chance of drawing a coveted tag in the Western states.

goHUNT – Hunting Draw Odds

The most accurate hunting draw odds ever.
Our data scientists and hunters have combined proprietary formulas and state data to reveal your true chance to draw hunts in the West.

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