Lighted Nocks

Lighted nocks have been on the market for years now and a new color/design is always being released. I have been using lighted nocks for the past three years and would not go hunting without them. They make it much easier to see your shot placement and make finding your arrow less time consuming. These two things are what makes lighted nocks worth the money in my opinion.

photo 2
A snapshot of video footage I took that shows the lighted nock entering the buck.

When I first got my lighted nocks I was not sure how well they were going to work. I didn’t know if my arrows would still shoot accurately, or if the nocks would have an impact. I’ve been using these nocks for the past several years now and my arrows shoot just like they did with the regular nocks. These nocks have helped me see my shot placement much better than I would have without them. The nocks are very bright and look like a laser beam going through the air. I video my hunts; so, if I’m not sure if I made a good shot, I can go back and look at the video. The lighted nocks make it much easier to see my arrow in the video.

photo 1
My Nockturnal lighted nock.



Lighted nocks also help you find your arrow after shooting at an animal. It can be difficult to find your arrow after passing through an animal and going into the brush, especially in the dark. With the lighted nock, it makes it much easier to find because you can see the bright, colorful light. Without the lighted nock it would take a lot more time searching through the brush for your arrow.

I think all bow hunters should give lighted nocks a try. They can help you out in several ways and possibly make you become a more successful hunter. There’s lots of different brands and colors available for all different arrow types so do some research and see what you like best. I think you will be satisfied after giving them a try.

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