Maven B.5 56mm Bino

Maven B.5 56mm Bino

Maven B.5 56 mm Bino

15X56 / 18X56

We took the small/lighter magnesium frame and Abbe-Koening prism assembly from our B.2 binocular and paired it with the very same fluorite glass that’s featured in our S Series Spotting Scopes and created a bino that excels at capturing detail at extended distances. In both 15x and 18x options, the B.5 is our most powerful binocular and the fluorite glass is a step above ED glass of similar-sized optics. One of the most modern optical systems on the market, this purpose-built binocular is designed to extend your range for those who require increased magnification and for discerning detail during those critical low-light periods when covering big, open country. And when paired with an ultralight tripod setup, this binocular is your answer to a lightweight rig when carrying your spotting scope is out of the question.

Bright from first light to last, this binocular performs similar to larger objective optics but is housed in a smaller package allowing for easier packability and an enhanced glassing experience.

Just like the entire B Series line-up, the B.5 offers superior low-light performance, tack-sharp edge-to-edge clarity, generous depth of field, and considerable eye relief. To top it off, the B.5 is fully customizable to match your specific needs.


MSRP: $1500-$1550


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