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Rethinking the way folks tackle property listings, management and promotion to excel in today’s evolving digital environment.

Midwest Farm and Field

Property Services

We specialize in finding you the sporting property of your dreams and if you are looking for something a bit more on the agricultural side, we can help you with that as well. As mindful conservationists and passionate stewards we strive to match our properties with engaged like-minded individuals who appreciate and respect the land.

Habitat Services

Beyond improving the land for future generations, most individuals interested in a management plan desire to produce great habitat for whitetails and other game. Improving your habitat by doing things such as planting food plots creates a better chance of seeing and harvesting a mature buck, because it creates the type of environment big bucks desire to live in. When deer have good nutrition, shelter and other benefits, offered by quality habitat, they generally form a stress-free and socially balanced deer population where bucks can express their full antler potential. Midwest Farm and Field wants to help you and knows you can achieve your goal on your property. Let’s build a strategy together and see it implemented.

Digital Services

We help forward-thinking clients succeed in the digital sphere with work that invites, commands and utilizes a mobile and user centered experience. Whether you’re big or small, in the hunting industry or not, our lean approach and network of partners allow us to deliver strong design that adheres to today’s technical standards, ensuring smartphone, tablet and laptop users alike can interact with our work on a budget that fits your company. Along with a website, great imagery helps you shine a light on the true potential of your business, product or property. These pieces are the main communication tool you have to showcase your project and should reflect the time, attention to detail, and polish that you want your brand to exude. Setting our clients apart with curated or custom images and video is a sure fire way to impress, our drone services bring a birds-eye view to you in stunning clarity, be it for your property listing, mapping, agricultural applications or just plain curiosity, we will gladly come spin the wings for you. But beyond website development, branding and visuals, we are always keeping an eye out for emerging technologies that could be leveraged to help our clients, VR, 360 cameras, etc will all have a roll to play someday…And we are full of ideas.

For more information, visit Midwest Farm and Field at www.midwestfarmandfield.com.

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