Mission Crossbows Launches MXB-Charge Crossbow

Sparta, Wisconsin – After years of innovation, Mission Crossbows announces the all new MXB-Charge.

Featuring our patent pending Smart Guide Slide, the MXB-Charge provides an ultra-smooth draw cycle for easy cocking. With the ability to adjust comb and length of pull; paired with our ALRS (Adjustable Limb Retention System) Technology, the MXB-Charge can be customized to fit any shooter. Wider limbs result in less torque, propelling bolts down range at up to 365 fps with nock splitting accuracy.
Mission MXB-Charge CrossbowMXB-Charge Specification:

Speed: 365 fps

Draw Weight: 225 lbs

Bow Length: 32 inches

Bow Width: 19.5 inches

Power Stroke: 12.75 inches

Weight: 6.90 lbs

“As bowhunters we want the perfect combination of speed, quietness and ease of use.  The MXB-Charge is the perfect balance of all of these qualities,” said Host of Hunt Masters, Gregg Ritz. “Whether you are sitting on a deer stand or chasing elk in the Rockies you will appreciate the intuitive design and quality of this new crossbow.” 

View the entire line of Mission Crossbows at missionarchery.com.

Mission MXB-Charge Crossbow