Enhance your Property with Moultrie Food Plot Spreaders

Moultrie Food Plot SpreadersBIRMINGHAM, Ala. – With key improvements to an already strong line of high-quality, durable food plot spreaders, Moultrie has delivered what every property manager needs – a better solution for preparing food plots. Moultrie spreaders will allow you to efficiently plant and fertilize food plots from your ATV, UTV, or truck.

Moultrie spreaders come in three different models, depending on your land management needs: A 50-lb ATV Food Plot Spreader and a 100-lb ATV Spreader in both Manual and Electric Gate versions.

The ATV Food Plot Spreader is the smallest in the series and features a heavy-duty 12 volt motor and a universal mounting bracket built to fit nearly every ATV model. The Moultrie ATV Food Plot Spreader is an excellent option for those hard to reach early-season food plots using an ATV.

Both the ATV Spreader-Manual Gate and Electric Gate feature a 100-lb capacity hopper that is essential for efficiently planting and fertilizing larger food plots.  The Moultrie ATV-Manual Gate spreader has been completely updated for 2015 with a newly redesigned hopper, 60% larger deflection shield, and new gate-control lever that allows the user to easily regulate seed and fertilizer dispensed for greater control.  A built-in quick release system allows for quick mounting and removal from most ATVs.  The Moultrie Manual Gate will have an MSRP of $229.99 and the Electric Gate will have an MSRP of $299.99.

Food plots are a valuable addition to any piece of hunting land no matter the size. Moultrie spreaders make creating and maintaining these food plots a breeze.  With Moultrie spreaders in your management arsenal, you’ll attract and hold more wildlife on your hunting property.

About Moultrie:
Moultrie is the most recognizable and best-selling game management brand in the industry. Moultrie develops and manufactures game cameras, feeders, spreaders, sprayers, feed supplements and accessories for deer, turkeys, hogs and fish. With 35 years as the leader in the industry, Moultrie is a trusted expert in game observation and management. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor Brands. You can visit Moultrie on the web at www.moultriefeeders.com.

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