I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye, knowing I was all alone in the
 canyon, I was a little afraid to look back to see what it was. I took one big step forward and the movement followed me. All I saw was a dark black form in my peripheral vision almost daring me to make a move.
            Just look behind you. I thought to myself.
            I will! Just let me take one more step forward.
            What was I doing? Was I really arguing with myself? Snap out of it dumbass that black form is still behind you!
            My heart started to race, and I got that feeling in my stomach that you get right before the big drop on a roller coaster, or when a cop pulls out behind you on a freeway. I was having what psychologists refer to as the fight or flight feeling and instead of doing either, I was having an argument with myself.
            Can we at least agree that we have to do something?
            Yeah we can agree on that! But what are we going to do? Where is our gun?
            I reached down to feel for my Kimber .45 acp that I never went hiking without. It was right there where it was supposed to be, in the leather holster on my hip. I slowly placed my hand around the grip and prepared to draw it from its resting place.
            Are you going to draw it?
            Yeah hold on! I want to make sure I won’t be shaking too bad if I actually have to use it!
            Just draw it and shoot! Don’t look back just shoot and run!
            I can’t do that! What if it is just a shadow? How stupid will you feel then?
            It’s not a shadow! It moves when you do, and the sun is directly above us! Do something!
            Okay! Let’s take one more big step forward then turn and shoot if we need to!
            I slowly started to draw my gun, trying to make as little movement as possible, hoping whatever the black form was, my movement wouldn’t startle it into attack mode. As I finally got the gun clear of the holster I took one more big step forward and that is when I felt it.
            What the hell was that? I asked myself.
            I don’t know just freaking shoot and run!
            I spun around quickly raising the gun up as I turned. It was just then the tug I had been feeling released itself and the black form shot towards me in a flash. It struck me with a significant amount of force before I could even tell my brain to pull the trigger.
            I looked down to see what the black form was that had me frozen in fear for the last few moments and saw my fishing net resting on the ground at my feet. The elastic cord I use to connect my net to my pack must have gotten hooked on to a dead tree I passed, while I was focused on the stream.
            Good thing we didn’t waste a bullet on your net! You were a scared little bitch!
            Me scared? You just stood there!

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