Mr. Curly: 178-inch Texas Whitetail

Mr. Curly: 178-inch Texas Whitetail | Ryan Burrus

Curly: 178-inch Texas whitetail

Mr. Curly: 178-inch Texas Whitetail

by Ryan Burrus

Take a step back in time to 2010. It was August in Texas and it was HOT! My cameras had been out for a month trying to help me compile my hit list for the season. We had great rain and growth throughout the summer months, producing some excellent antlers on bucks. That year, the cameras introduced me to a rising star: a 3 ½ year old who sported a nice slick body, a 10-point frame, and exceptionally long, curly main beams. I knew right away this was a deer that I would keep on my watch list.

Fast forward to the 2012 season. The worst recorded drought in Texas history was sweeping through the state, pounding wildlife with 40 plus days of 100-degree heat. I set my cameras up early like I do every year and much to my surprise, Mr. Curly made a spotlight performance. This now massive 10-point with kickers was a monster, and I knew who was number one on my hit list. The opening morning of archery season, I had Mr. Curly walk through my set before legal shooting light and right out of the picture. It took nearly 3 months before I saw Mr. Curly again. After 40+ full days of hunting the deer I was more than ready for an encounter — or so I thought.

Now it’s late December and mature bucks are hitting food sources hard, so I position my pop up in a major corridor to a wheat field. It was the snowy night of December 27. Just as the sun set across the ridge, much to my surprise I looked to my right and there was Mr. Curly! I hastily grabbed my bow and moved into position; my heart was beating out of my chest. I tried — without success — to calm myself down. Mr. Curly, now 26-yards In front of my blind stops and presented a shot. I took two deep breathes then drew my bow. SWACK! I knew immediately something went wrong and upon inspection, I had shot through my pop-up blind. I hurriedly grabbed another arrow; however, before I could I watched Mr. Curly fall a mere 24-yards away.

Good equipment and patience went a long way to help me harvest this 176 & 3/8s bruiser.

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