My New Bow

My New Bow

by Colton Choate

My New BowThis summer, I was in the market for a new bow. The guys at Bull Basin Archery in Flagstaff, Arizona let me shoot several bows to aid in the decision-making process. With several people’s help and advice, I was able to check out many bows and choose the right one for me. What I mean by “the right bow” is one that was comfortable, and what I felt shot best. That bow was the Bowtech Carbon Knight. In my opinion, the Carbon Knight felt better in my hands and shot smoother without kicking out of my hands. It also had a smoother draw cycle, which helped me make my final decision.

The Carbon Knight was introduced as the lightest bow on the market during mid-summer of 2013, which was a rather rare time to introduce new bows to the industry for Bowtech. Specifically, I chose the Black Op edition.

Bowtech, Carbon Knight:

  • Draw weight: 50, 60, 70
  • Mass Weight: 3.2 Lbs
  • Effective Let-Off: 80%
  • Draw Length: 26.5-30.5”
  • Kinetic Energy: 84.6 Ft-Lbs
  • Axle To Axle: 31”
  • IBO Speed: 335 FPS
  • Brace Height: 7”

For more information on the Bowtech, Carbon Knight, visit

With this bow, I decided to enlist the Accustrike Pro Series Sight (5-Pin), made by Apex Gear. This sight does everything I want it to, and was easy to sight in.

Apex Gear, Accustrike Pro Series Sight:

  • TRU•ZERO™ pin design minimizes pin gaps | Extended bracket | Lightweight / compact design (weighs 5.8 ounces)
  • TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating
  • Tool-less design
  • TRU•FLO™ fiber design
  • Extra-long fibers routed through bracket for increased durability and exposure to UV light
  • Innovative pin design allows for quick and easy fiber replacement
  • Includes high-visibility level
  • and, many more

For more information on the Apex Gear, Accustrike Pro Series Sight, visit


Along with my Apex Gear sight, I also chose their Reactor Quiver, which has 5 easy to use slots. It is also easy to attach and detach from my Accustrike sight.

Apex Gear, Reactor Quiver:

  • Low-profile
  • TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating
  • Adjustable tension Cam-Lock
  • Adjustable “tilt” feature enables the user to fine-tune bow balance
  • Easy one-hand removal
  • Secure double gripper design
  • Fits both carbon and aluminum arrows including
  • Easton® G, X and H Series micro-shaft hunting arrows
  • Thumb tab style gripper design allows for quick / quiet arrow removal
  • Fits both mechanical and fixed broadheads
  • Mounting bracket and grippers adjust up / down
  • Includes rigid aluminum hanging loop for treestands or ground blinds
  • Fits both left and right handed bows

For more information on the Apex Gear, Reactor Quiver, visit

I had never used a drop-away rest until I mounted one to this bow. I was trying to use the best set-up I could possibly find and the Ripcord Fall-away rest seemed like a perfect asset to help improve my set up.


Ripcord Code Red:

  • Ultra-fast fall-away for maximum forgiveness
  • Connects to downward traveling cable
  • Soft overmolding eliminates the need for extra moleskin
  • Innovative Drop Dead Brake System™ keeps launcher from bouncing back up into the arrow as it leaves your bow improving arrow flight
  • Arrow Containment System™ assures your arrow can’t fall off the rest, no matter what
  • Exclusive “football clip” fits all cable sizes making the Code Red easy to install

For more information on the Ripcord Code Red fall-away rest, visit

Final Thoughts

When my setup was complete, I felt the most confident as I ever have as an archer. My goal now: a 100-inch Coues buck with my new bow.

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