Offseason Bow Care

by Steven Lines

Offseason Bow Care: String inspection.Most guys & girls have a truck, car, or motorcycle that they love to work on. Without regular maintenance, our favorite vehicles won’t function properly, or sometimes not at all. In the world of archery hunting, our favorite piece of equipment must also perform to the highest possible level. The difference could be tagging out on a trophy of a lifetime or going home empty-handed. A bow is a precision instrument, and by doing a few simple things you can keep it as accurate and deadly as possible and always be ready.

  1. Strings – A bow’s strings are probably the most susceptible to every day wear and tear from hunting. You should regularly inspect and replace them when necessary, and waxing them can extend their lifetime. Also inspect your D-loop for any frays, and remember that it can be weakened even if doesn’t look like it is coming apart.
  2. Limbs – Although pretty tough and strong, a failure in one of the limbs of your bow could be catastrophic. Be sure to inspect the limbs for any cracks, chips, or splinters. For an avid hunter a little cosmetic damage should be expected, but just be sure that the actual limb is intact and not severely damaged.
  3. Offseason Bow Care: Inspect D-loop or string loop.Accessories – If you have been wanting to try out a new rest or could use a new release, now is the time to do it. This time of year most guys are busy upgrading, changing, and trying new gear, and you can usually find good deals on just about everything. Let’s face it, from sights, rests, releases, quivers, arrows, broad heads and more, there is usually always something new we want to try.

After tuning up your bow and getting it the way you want it, you should practice with it as much as possible. With turkey season underway and lots of 3D competition shoots, there are plenty of opportunities for practice. If you choose to store your bow, be sure that it is kept away from excessive heat or moisture.

A diligent archer becomes very familiar with a bow over time and inspects it before and after every use. The end of the bow season is a great time to do the same thing. By doing some small simple things, you can prolong the life of your bow and have the confidence that it will always be ready to perform when it counts.

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