Ozonics Unleashes The New HR-300 For 45 Percent More In-The-Field Ozone Output

Lake Jackson, Texas – In 2010, Ozonics® established themselves as the leader of scent management for treestand and ground blind hunters with the introduction of the revolutionary HR-200™ in-the-field ozone generator, and 2016 marks the introduction of the Ozonics In Motion® line of exciting new products, led by the new flagship HR-300™ in-the-field ozone generator.

The HR-200 set the bar extremely high with hunters looking to manage their human odor while hunting, and provided the foundation for understanding exactly how effective ozone is at destroying human scent.

The HR-300 is the result of more than 5 years of intense field research and product development, and it was designed using end-user feedback and the continual desire to provide every hunter with the most effective scent elimination tools in the industry. There is a significant 45 percent increase in ozone production, and in addition, a new housing design and re-engineered internal components all contribute to a new, ultra-quiet design. This new ergonomic construction is also easier to handle and has an improved user interface with intuitive controls designed for easy use with gloves in the dark.

The new HR-300 in-the-field ozone generator also maximizes battery life, allowing up to 5 hours of run time with a standard battery and up to 10 hours of run time with the optional extended life (XL) battery. And, of course, the new HR-300 is compatible with all existing Ozonics accessories such as the EZ Mount technology, which allow silent setup and takedown of the unit in the tree.

The HR-300 also comes with new integrated Pulse Technology, which is a proprietary technology that balances time, airflow and ozone concentration to effectively ensure that the right amount of oxidant needed to deodorize your gear is what is utilized—not too much and not too little.

Ozonics HR-300Highlighted HR-300 Features:

  • Meets all federal EPA requirements when used as directed
  • Perpetual scent elimination for the duration of the battery life
  • Extremely versatile: can be utilized or adapted to a multitude of hunting or home situations (camp-house bathroom, kitchen, truck, trash cans, ice chest/cooler)
  • Smart Battery (Standard model included): The newly developed Smart Battery manages its usage profile to optimize per-session performance and give the user a better gauge of how much “hunt time” remains
  • Smart Charger: Working in concert with the electronics in the smart battery, the Smart Charger maintains the Smart Battery at optimal levels. This keeps the battery capacity at a higher level for longer and also lengthens the useful life of the smart battery
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on unit
  • 6-month manufacturer’s warranty on batteries

The Ozonics HR-300 is designed for ground blind use, is fully compatible with the EZ Mount technology for treestand use, is compatible with the new KiNETiC Backpack for hunters on the move, and works perfectly with the new DRiWASH Bag for deodorizing clothing—without a clothes washer.

The Ozonics HR-300 has an MSRP of $599.99 and a MAP of $499.99.