A Quick Fix for Ground Blinds

by Zane Graham

Have you ever got into your ground blind and noticed the window covers hanging loosely by the elastic hooks?

photo 1I know I have, and it can get annoying having to fix the window covers every time you get into the blind. A fellow hunter gave me a tip I’d like to share with anyone who has the same problem with their ground blinds.

A ground blind is most effective when it is dark on the inside to keep you hidden from the game you are hunting. Many ground blinds have hooks attached to elastic to keep the window covers properly secured. This works great at first, but over time the elastic stretches out and the window covers will not stay secured. A significant amount of light can be let into the blind as a result and could potentially cost you a chance at a trophy animal.

A quick fix for this problem is Velcro and fabric glue. You can put the fabric glue on the Velcro and put it on the window covers to keep them up and block any light from entering the blind. The Velcro itself is not sticky enough to stick to the ground blind material, but the fabric glue will keep it in place. I put Velcro on all of the windows that I rarely open, which is primarily the back and sides. If you like to open the photo 4windows a lot I would not recommend putting Velcro on for the obvious reason that it will make a lot of noise. When I am hunting I like to only have the front window open that I will be shooting out of. I keep the side and back window covers up to block out any light. It also blocks any wind that might come through, carrying your scent out.

I just applied Velcro on my blind recently, so I do not know how it will hold up over the period of a hunting season. So far it seems to be holding up great and keeping the window covers securely in place. I think this will help keep the blind more concealed and make for a more successful hunt. If you have the same problem with the windows in your ground blind, then give this a try and see how you like it.

Zane Graham

Zane Graham is a dedicated hunter who loves chasing Texas whitetails. West Texas is his home and he has a hunting lease nearby where he spends most of his free time. He took his first deer at the age of 9 and has taken multiple bucks scoring over 130, with both his rifle and bow since then. He recently started filming his own hunts and loves both the challenge and the satisfaction of reliving the hunt. Zane is working on a criminology degree at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and hopes to one day become a game warden for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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