Rancho Safari’s New BC Quiver Offers Better Bow-Quiver Option

Rancho Safari’s New BC Quiver Offers Better Bow-Quiver OptionRANCHO SAFARI, Ramona, CA, introduces the BC Quiver, a vastly superior bow-mounted quiver option based on the field-proven Catquiver back-quiver design that conceals and protects arrows more effectively.

Since 1985 Rancho Safari has made its reputation solving common problems faced by real-world bowhunters.  The revolutionary BC Quiver solves problems inherent to standard bow-mounted quivers that have remained largely unchanged for five decades.

The BC Quiver’s felt-lined, fleece-covered hood completely contains fletchings.  Use the brightest fletchings for positive arrow tracking and recovery without flagging wary game.  Eliminate fletching buffeting on windy days and mud-clogged nocks while shooting today’s shortest bows.

The BC Quiver’s broadhead cradle secures arrows at the point only.  No more dulling blades while shoving and pulling broadheads into and out of dirty foam hoods.  No more accidently-deployed mechanical broadhead blades.  Arrows pressure fit between nock (fletching hood) and point (broadhead cradle), allowing silent and effortless extraction and return.  The head and cradle are individually adjustable to accommodate any length arrow.  The unique design allows you to set your bow on the ground while glassing or ranging, or push it ahead during hands-and-knees stalks, without crushing fletchings or creating fletching rustle.  This also shelters natural feathers from rain and snow.

The BC Quiver includes rugged ABS-plastic hood and broadhead cradle held by lightweight but structurally-rigid carbon-material brackets setting arrows behind the riser for superior balance, while also offering wide vertical adjustment both top and bottom.  The two-piece design imparts exceptional bow balance and dampening for greater accuracy and bowhunting silence, each piece attaching to the upper and lower portion of the riser of any compound bow.

The BC Quiver holds four to six arrows and is covered in camouflage patterns from True Timber or Rancho Safari’s own JeriFlage (woodland, desert or snow), plus Stealth Black.  Crossbow and Traditional models are also offered.

Rancho Safari’s New BC Quiver Offers Better Bow-Quiver Option

MSRP: $124.95

BC Quiver Features:

  • Compound, traditional and crossbow models available.
  • Best fletching coverage and protection of any bow-mounted quiver on the market today.
  • Protects natural feathers from rain and snow in the harshest environments.
  • Contained fletching hood eliminates “weather-vane” fletching buffeting in windy conditions.
  • Keeps nocks out of mud and debris on today’s shortest compound bows.
  • Cradle design won’t dull fixed-broadhead blades or prematurely open mechanical blades.
  • Fleece covered and felt lined to be absolutely bowhunting silent inside and out and after release.
  • Two-piece, lightweight design for maximized bow balance.
  • Highly adjustable to accommodate the longest or shortest broadhead/arrow combinations.
  • Nail-tough construction assures long life and complete reliability during extreme bowhunts.
  • Lay bow on ground or push it ahead while stalking without worry of fletching damage or noise.
  • Unlike standard bow quivers, shaft diameter makes no difference; arrows will NOT fall out!
  • Mount with fletching up or down, according to desires.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. by American workers with American materials.
  • 100 percent unconditionally guaranteed.

For more details on the new BC Quiver and other bowhunting-inspired products contact: Rancho Safari, (760) 789-2094, or visit their web site at www.ranchosafari.com.

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