Safety First – Diamondback Harness

by Darren Choate

diamondback_iconI never sit a tree-stand without my safety harness, and neither should you. That said, not all safety harnesses are created equal; especially those “so-called” harnesses that come with your purchased tree-stand. I have a better chance of solving a Rubik’s Cube–dating myself–than putting one of those on. In addition to the safety features of a harness, there are three features that are a must for me: 1) simple design, 2) fit, and 3) Linesman’s belt (or climbing feature). First, I want something that is simple to use; I want to put it on, get to the tree, and hunt. Second, I am a small guy (5′ 8″ and a buck-forty), so I need something that conforms to my small frame. Third, hanging tree-stands can be a dangerous activity, but the use of a Linesman’s belt takes away most of the danger.

This year I came across Big Game Treestands, Diamondback Harness, and it fit all of my requirements. Built like a vest with backpack straps, you simply put this harness on like you would an article of clothing–one arm at a time–clip the sternum strap, and then  wrap the leg straps around your legs and clip them in place with an easy to use clip (I had to adjust the leg straps as small as they would go to make them a perfect fit, but again, I am a small guy, most would have no problem as is out of the box). Once you are in the tree, all you have to do is wrap the safety cord (provided) around the tree and clip the anti-shock bungee tether with a carabiner clip, and your ready to hunt!

This fall, I spent several days on stand waiting for the right Coues buck to show up, and I felt both comfortable and safe in the Diamondback Harness. Close to the end of the hunt I had six Coues bucks come within 30 yards of my stand–the closest at 23 yards–but I elected to pass, hoping for one of the monster Coues bucks on my hit list. The monster never showed, but there will be more opportunities down the road.

Coues buck.

The author passed this 4 x 3 Coues buck, while waiting on one of the big bucks that he had scouted over the summer months. The author is circled in the upper left corner, sitting in his Big Game Treestand, buckled in with his Diamondback Safety Harness.

Diamondback HarnessBig Game Treestands – Diamondback Harness


CONSTRUCTION: Lightweight Padded Nylon

DESIGN: No Tangle, 1 Chest buckle and 2 Quick-release leg buckle,  Shoulder & Leg strap adjustment for defined fit

SIZE: One size fits most

WEIGHT: 2 Lbs.


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Darren Choate

Darren Choate is the founder of Western Whitetail. Prior to his writing career, he completed a four-year tour in the USAF. He has been hunting and guiding other hunters in the West for over 30 years. Choate is a voting member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), and his articles have been featured in magazines such as Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, Quality Whitetails and Rocky Mountain Game & Fish. Additionally, Choate is the Editor of Whitetail Journal, Bowhunting World and Archery Business for Grand View Outdoors.