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SCENTITE Blinds from Advantage HuntingHuman scent reaching a deer’s sensitive nose typically means game over for the hunter. Whether set up in a ground blind or from an elevated stand, reducing the chances that a deer can smell you is a huge advantage for the hunter. SCENTITE Blinds from Advantage include exclusive technology that makes them airtight and scent proof.

Being scent proof is tremendous, but SCENTITE Blinds also have other great features that make this the ultimate option for serious hunters. These hunting blind are rigid, so they doesn’t move or flap in the wind. SCENTITE Blinds from Advantage are also portable and lightweight. Spend more time hunting, successfully and effectively, and less time worrying about set up and blind maintenance.

It is the design of SCENTITE Blinds that makes them airtight. Fresh air enters through intake ports located near the bottom of the blind, which then drafts a hunter’s scent and vents it 30 feet above ground level. If you are a big game hunter, you know that the most important way to avoid detection by the game that you pursue is to be aware of the wind detection and leave the least amount of human scent in your hunting area.

SCENTITE blinds can be used effectively as ground blinds with a full-size, walk-in door, or elevated off the ground with a trap door through the floor for easy access. Tinted polycarbonate windows allow a 360-degree view with waterproof seals, but the windows can also be flipped up and out of the way for use during both gun and bow seasons.

A two-person model with 25 square feet of space and a four-person model with 45 square feet of space are available. The exterior is olive green for superior concealment in any environment, and the interior is black to disguise the hunter. SCENTITE blinds can be used to hunt most types of North American big game.

Whether it is deer in Georgia, bear in Saskatchewan, turkeys in Kansas, elk in Montana, wild boar in Louisiana, or antelope in New Mexico, a SCENTITE blind can make your hunt more successful.

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