Single Pin or Multi Pin Sight?

As bowhunters, one of the most important pieces of equipment on our bow is the sight. There are many different brands and styles of sights to choose from which can make the process of choosing a sight difficult. Sights can range from one single pin up to seven pins on a multi-pin sight. So, how do you know which sight is best for you? Personally, I would say try a few different ones out and see which type fits your needs the best.

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My bowhunting career began in 2009, and I have used a 5-pin sight all the way up until a few weeks ago when I switched to a single-pin sight. I had no issues with the 5-pin sight and it always seemed to work great. I never liked the idea of having a single-pin sight that would require me to have to adjust the sight for different yardages. However, I did not like having to gap shoot the pins on my 5-pin sight. For those of you who may not be familiar with bowhunting and how a bow sight works, gap shooting is when you use the gap between two pins to aim. For example, if your first pin is sighted in for 20 yards and your second is for 30 yards, then you would use the gap between the two pins to shoot at 25 yards. I wanted to be able to have a pin to put exactly where I wanted to hit instead of having to use the gap or aim high or low. So after six years of using my 5-pin sight I decided to give a single pin sight a try. I am glad I did!

photo 1 (3)After getting my single pin sight installed and sighted in I was very happy with it. It allowed me to have a better field of view since multiple pins were not in the sight window. It also helped me become more accurate because I no longer had to gap shoot. I can turn the dial on the sight to the exact yardage I want to shoot and the sight is dead on. My sight is sighted in from 20 yards all the way out to 70 yards. For my hunting situations all of my shots are usually between 20 and 30 yards but it is nice to be able to turn the dial and shoot longer distances for fun. I have only had my single pin sight for a couple of weeks but I really like it so far and think it will perform great when hunting.

As far as which sight is better, a single pin or a multi pin sight, it comes down to personal preference. Some people like having multiple pins that are sighted in so they don’t have to range their target and then adjust the sight to the correct yardage. Others like having a single pin which gives them more field of view and the ability to focus on one pin instead of several. My advice is to try both types of sights and see which one you think will best fit your needs. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

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