Spartan Precision Equipment Gear Review

I have always had a love/hate relationship with bipods and shooting sticks. When the conditions are right, I have always preferred to be laid down prone, with my rifle rested solidly over my backpack. However, there are those times when laying prove isn’t an option and having the ability to sit up and still have a solid rest to shoot from is key to making precise shots. I have tried many different systems over the years, from having a bipod permanently mounted to my gun, to have a fold-up set of shooting sticks along with me. Although both systems work, it made the rifle heavier to carry and cumbersome when shooting without using the bipod. The shooting sticks were lightweight, but I was never a fan of the marriage between the two while set up to shoot.

In spring 2020, I was looking at the Spartan Bipod at the Hunt Expo and immediately was intrigued with the system. With the system, there is a small, lightweight port with a magnetic connection within it that makes attaching and removing the bipod a snap. This connection is made via the front stud sling hole and the connector has a spot to hook your sling too, so it remains fully functional. This summer when I contacted Spartan about trying out their system, they asked me about what features I preferred and pointed me in the direction of their new Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod.

The Pro Hunt Tac Bipod provides a rock-solid rest on varied terrain. The standard model allows for 7”-9” ground clearance while the long adjust from 8.9”-12.2”. Each leg adjusts independently but pressing the button and either extended or retracting the leg. On unlevel surfaces, you also have the ability to cant your rifle and lock it into position. This makes locking your rifle into a level position, which is paramount with shots in uneven terrain. The Pro Tac model is also modular, meaning you can use different legs from Spartan to match different types of shooting.

Wyoming & Montana Hunts

Last fall, I used the pro tac on two rifle mule deer hunts. On my Wyoming buck, I had some time and was able to lay prone on a steep hillside. Using the retractable legs, I was able to get my gun stable and made a precise 350 yard shot on a buck on an adjacent ridge. In Montana, I caught a glimpse of a good buck leaving the coulee we were in and time was of the essence. I snapped the bipod on my rifle as I laid down. When the buck hesitated for a moment at 550 yards just before going out of sight, my rock-solid rest made the shot much easier than rests I have used in the past. As I said earlier, I always liked resting over my pack, but things shifting in the bag made it so I was always having to get the rifle nestled in the right spot. With the Pro Hunt Tac, my rest is rock solid quickly. This means more time to find your target and squeeze, instead of trying to find a solid shooting rest.

Wyoming mule deer taken by the author.
The author made a great shot to take this Montana mule deer using the Spartan Precision Equipment Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod.

Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod | $350

Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod


Carried off the rifle and attached in seconds, the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac features spring-loaded ratchet-style tac legs so hunters can quickly adjust the bipod’s height. The Javelin Pro Hunt Tac is ideal for hunters needing to travel long distances through woodlands and mountainous terrain; it quickly snaps into place via our patented Spartan Magnetic Attachment System and is easily swapped to other rifles, making it the only bipod you’ll ever need. And when the time comes to take your shot, the single button Leg Lock-Out feature opens the legs and ensures they stay in the fixed shooting position.

  • Track targets with the traversing function or use in locked target mode
  • Cant facility for uneven surfaces
  • positions and terrains 
  • Low profile adapter makes carrying a slung rifle comfortable
  • Rubber and tungsten carbide feet for grip in different environments
  • Secure sling attachment 
  • Modularly designed to accept a range of different legs for different shooting
  • Supplied with storage case and a classic rifle adapter kit
  • Compatible with a full range of 12mm Spartan Rifle Adapters


Arizona Hunt

As much as I love shooting from a prone position, there are times when laying down just isn’t an option. For these situations as I mentioned earlier, I used to carry a set of shooting sticks. When I got the Pro Tac bipod from Spartan, I also got their Davros head. This head fastens to any tripod and creates a very solid shooting platform that can be shot from a sitting, kneeling, or even standing position depending on the height of your tripod. This has the same magnetic connection as the other Spartan Bipods, so you have multiple shooting options depending on your situation. While your rifle is connected to the Davros you can pan and rotate both side to side and up and down with the adjustable ball joint, which is very smooth and makes following moving targets simple.

My wife and kids aren’t as fond of laying down to shoot as I am, so they love this system. On a recent youth deer hunt in Arizona, I fastened the Davros head to one of my Outdoorsman’s adapters. When we found a nice Coues buck, I was able to get my eleven-year-old son sat down in a comfortable position and the rifle firmly on top of the Davros mounted to my Outdoorsman’s tripod. He was able to make a great 200 yard shot on a nice Coues buck. I always have my Outdoorsman’s tripod with me, so having this system that I can easily stow in my pack, that can be quickly attached to my tripod if the situation arises is a no-brainer.

The author's son with a nice Coues buck.
The author’s son used the Spartan Precision Equipment Davros Head to take a Couse buck on a recent youth hunt in Arizona.

Davros Head | $75

Davros Head


Many hunters have already invested in tripods and shooting rests such as Primos Trigger Sticks. The Davros head retro-fits to such systems so they can exploit the Spartan Magnetic Attachment System, enabling you to swap quickly and securely between different rifles, optics and other devices with standard 1/4” or 3/8” UNC threads. Made from aerospace-grade aluminium for strength, the new design Davros is even lighter at just 115 grams and features an improved tension ring to give more control of the friction adjustable ball joint for a smooth and stable 360-degree arc of fire with a wide range of elevation, depression and cant adjustment.

  • Swap quickly and securely between different rifles, optics and other devices with standard 1/4” or 3/8” UNC threads
  • Smooth and stable 360-degree arc of fire with a wide range
    of elevation, depression and cant adjustment.
  • Improved tension ring to give more control of the
    friction adjustable ball joint
  • Compatible with tripods and shooting sticks with 1/4” or 3/8” UNC thread


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