Plano, IL (March 9, 2016) – From the beginning of man’s hour we came; toiling for our hard-earned subsistence through the centuries. The ongoing experiment in the chase for wild, unspoiled protein led to continual advances in weaponry, tools and tactics, which the successful embraced and further refined. Those who remain, today, continue seeking innovation; searching for enhanced concealment, stealth, and the perfect tool to store and transport their compliment of weaponry to and from the field of battle. But the ultimate hunting pack has been elusive… until now.
Driven by an infinite commitment to technological innovation for hunters, Tenzing™ Outdoors continues to crank out new, high performance products poised to do more, carry more and elevate the hunting experience by doing it better than anything else out there; no matter where or what you hunt.

So how do you improve staple performers such as Tenzing’s TZ 2220 Day Pack and TZ 4000 Pack, while elevating an all-new-for-2016 pack to an even higher level of performance?

Dress them in one of the hottest and most technologically advanced, new camo patterns available today: Kryptek HighlanderTM.

“Today’s hunters are detail-oriented,” says Jay Robert, backcountry hunter, product designer and soul and spirit behind the Tenzing brand. “They demand and deserve products that not only perform without exception, but also provide options and allow for personal choice. Camouflage selection is equal parts science and preference. We can’t live up to our name or our customers’ expectations if we fail to keep up with today’s latest, top-performing camouflage pattern options.”

Kryptek HighlanderTM is one of those patterns. Specially designed for varied geographic regions and elevations, Kryptek HighlanderTM increases stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrain.

TENZING TZ 2220 IN KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER (Model 972350 / UPC 97243-7)

With 2,228 total cubic inches of interior space and weighing a scanty four pounds, the TZ 2220 allows you to hunt light and fast while keeping everything you need secure and within reach inside a total of 11 well-engineered compartments and pockets. Additionally, the workhorse TZ 2220 is engineered for unmatched wearer comfort.


  • Internal Aluminum Frame Stay
  • Padded Hip Support
  • Channeled, Air-Cooled Back Pad
  • Foldout Bow and Gun Carrying Boot
  • H2O Compatible (2-Liter)
  • 11 Total Compartments and Pockets
  • Six Specialized Zip Pockets
  • Four Lateral Compression Straps to Secure Load
  • Two Lower Compression Straps to Attach Extra Gear
  • 2228 Total Cubic Inches
  • 4 lb. 0 oz.
  • Main Compartment: 22”x11”x6.5”
  • Face Compartment: 16”x10”x12”
  • Expanding Side Compartments (2): 8”x5”x2.5”
  • Mesh Side Compartments (2): 8”x5”x2.5”
  • Hip Compartments (2): 15”x9”x1.5”
  • MSRP $249.99 / MAP $239.99

In addition to Kryptek HighlanderTM, the TZ 2220 Day Pack is also available In Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Realtree MAX-1, Realtree Xtra and Loden Green.

TENZING TZ 4000 IN KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER (Model 962350 / UPC 96238-4)

The versatile TZ 4000 can be configured to three primary sizes, providing big game hunters with all the space and function their hunts may demand. A series of expanding pockets and compartments are arranged in a compact vertical design affording up to 4000 cubic inches of storage space. 21 total pockets and compartments allow hunters to load up all the gear they need for a multi-day hunt.


  • Fully Adjustable Frame Suspension
  • Two Fluted, Rigid Internal Aluminum Frame Stay
  • Padded Hip Support
  • Channeled, Air-Cooled Back Pad
  • Foldout Bow and Gun Carrying Boot
  • Foldout Rain Cover
  • H2O Compatible (3-Liter)
  • 21 Total Compartments and Pockets
  • Specialized Zip Pockets
  • 3 Compression Straps to Attach Extra Gear
  • Expandable, Breathable Meat Compartment
  • Five Horizontal Compression Straps to Secure Load
  • Four Vertical Compression Straps to Secure Load
  • 4000 Total Cubic Inches
  • 7 lb. 6 oz.
  • Main Compartment: 24”x12”x6”
  • Meat Compartment: 24”x12”x5”
  • Face Compartment: 15”x6”x2”
  • Expanding Side Compartments (x2): 20”x5”x1.5”
  • Hip Compartments (x2): 4”x9”x2”
  • Mesh Compartment: 15”x5”x1”
  • Side Pockets: 7”x5”x1”
  • MSRP $409.99 / MAP $384.99

In addition to Kryptek HighlanderTM, the TZ 4000 is also available In Realtree MAX-1, Realtree Xtra and Loden Green.


For 2016, Tenzing proudly offers an all-new mid-to-large-sized utility pack that will appeal to all manner of big game hunters. Conceived to fill a void betwixt the company’s best selling TZ 2220 daypack and the overnight-capable TZ 4000, the new Tenzing™ TZ 3000 combines big game grunt and expedition capacity with a relatively compact, access-inspired design.


  • Two Internal Fluted Aluminum Frame Stays
  • Padded Lumbar Pad and Waist Belt
  • Channeled Air Cooled Back Pad
  • Fold Out Bow and Gun Carry Boot
  • Fold Out Rain Cover
  • H2O Compatible 2 or 3 Liter
  • Available in Realtree MAX 1 or Kryptek Highlander
  • 3100 Total Cubic Inches in X Total Pockets and Compartments
  • 6 lb. 4 oz. Total Weight
  • Main Compartment: 23.5” x 11” x 9”
  • Top Compartment: 10” x 10” x 2”
  • Face Compartment: 14” x 10” x 2”
  • Hip Pockets (x2): 5” x 9” x 2”
  • Mesh Side Pockets (x2): 6” x 7.5” x 2”
  • Internal Side Pockets (x2): 19” x 6” x 5”
  • MSRP $339.99 / MAP $329.99

In addition to Kryptek HighlanderTM, the all-new TZ 3000 is also available In Realtree MAX 1.

There can be only one. One company, that is, with the most complete line of high-performance hunting packs in the exciting and advanced Kryptek HighlanderTM camouflage pattern. So hunters rejoice. The evolution of the complete hunting pack is nigh; brought forth in a trinity of glorious, high-performance iterations from the company that helps hunters go further and hunt longer, no matter where their pursuits lead them.

Tenzing’s best-selling TZ 2220, TZ 4000 and all-new TZ 3000 hunting packs in Kryptek HighlanderTM will beavailable starting in early winter of 2016.

About Tenzing ™

First introduced at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in January 2012, the Tenzing™ line of innovative, high-tech, high performance packs are engineered and built to help hunters go farther, stay longer, and comfortably carry incredible loads in and even bigger ones back out.

Tenzing packs are constructed from the finest materials available, including the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®, and designed to be the lightest, most rugged, best organized and most versatile packs on the market. Tenzing packs are fully adjustable to result in a perfect fit for any hunter.
Combining his life-long passion for the outdoors with a relentless desire to be the best at his craft, Jay Robert is the soul and spirit behind the Tenzing brand. A company of hunters who listen to other hunters, Tenzing pursues innovation through real world product feedback from one of the hardest-working hunting pro and field staffs in the industry.

The ever expanding Tenzing product lineup includes carbon fiber frame packs, full-sized backpacks, lightweight day packs, lumbar packs, archer’s packs, women’s-fitted packs, turkey packs, upland bird packs, waterfowl blind bags, high-performance bow cases, gun cases and related accessories.

Tenzing products have received numerous recognitions for innovation and quality, including a prestigious Field & Stream Best of the Best 2012 Award for the Tenzing TZ 2220.
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