ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

by Tom Claycomb III

ThermaCELL Heated InsolesOne fun thing about writing is that I get to test a lot of new products. That makes sense of course since manufacturers want writers to write about their new products and stir up interest in the buying public. The thing that I have to guard against if to not be a sell-out. I remember reading a big magazine once and every article was a sell-out. They started off something like Brand X ammo called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Africa to test their new bullets. Translation-I will say whatever they want so I can go to Africa!

This is one of the avenues that writers use to make a living but still, you can’t be a sell-out. You’ve got to write honestly so you don’t mislead your readers or you can’t trust me. You work hard for your money so if I recommend something I want you to know that I honestly believe it is good product. Sometimes I’m wrong or can get swept up in a deal and be misled but I’ll try to write honest reviews.

I’ve tested products for literally hundreds of companies and something that surprised me is how few of them really want to know how to make their product better/more user friendly. In fact I’ve only had a handful of companies really want to know my opinion. Most just want me to write about how great they are and how you ought to buy two of everything that they make.

Also you may wonder why you never see a bad Product Review. Well just because something doesn’t test out well doesn’t mean that I have to blast the guy, I just don’t write about them but I don’t try to bury them though. So with all of that said, that’s how I’ll try to write my Product Reviews. Sound fair? If you think that I’m wrong let me know.

ThermaCELL Heated InsolesToday we’re going to talk about ThermaCELL’s Heated Insoles. I’d used their mosquito repelling units and been on Pro-staff with them for 10 years and knew that they had top quality product so when Allegra asked me to test their new Heated Insoles I said sure (ThermaCELL is also one of the few companies that asks my opinion and really listens/responds).

The HI looks like an insole that you would put in your shoes. They come with a plug-in charger that looks like a cell phone charger. To activate the soles there is an on/off switch on the heel of the sole. They come with a remote control that has three settings. Off, Medium and High. Medium heats up to 100 degrees and High at 111 degrees.

They stay charged for up to four hours but if you are smart, you can make them last longer. For instance let’s say that you’re snowmobiling. Don’t turn them on until you start riding. Then, when you stop to cook lunch turn them off. That way you can milk them along for the whole day. (Their new Pro Flex model uses a rechargeable battery).

They don’t overheat thereby making your feet sweat. ThermaCELL compares it to your house heating system in that it will maintain a constant temp. They are advertised as being water resistant, not water proof. If they get wet, turn them off and dry them out as soon as possible.

Uses? I see that they’d be good for many sedentary activities where you’re inactive and your feet get cold, such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, four wheeling, football games or hunting in out of treestands. Or when you’re locked out of the house for coming home late from a hunting trip!

At a demo that I was doing at Cabela’s the other day a lady with diabetes told me she wanted them to help keep her feet warm since she has poor circulation. Hmm…might be good for that too.

I’m afraid that as soon as my wife sees them that she will steal mine, as she gets cold somewhat easily…or should I just break down and buy her a pair too?

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