Top 5 Exhibitors at Western Hunting and Conservation Expo 2015

Top 5 Exhibitors at Western Hunting and Conservation Expo 2015

by Colleen Richardson

Top 5 Exhibitors at Western Hunting and Conservation Expo 2015, ProisThis marked the first year I was able to attend the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo held in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was reeling with excitement and anticipation in the weeks and days leading up to it and this event did not disappoint this event planner and die hard outdoors woman. With over 560 exhibitors set up in the exhibit hall, there was not a shortage of things to do, people to meet and gear to test. As a DIY female hunter, I am always on the “hunt” for gear that is designed both, technically and functionally, for women or gear that would be useful to me on a solo hunt. In addition to high quality gear that will not fail me in the field, I also look very closely customer service and the support the company gives to the industry.

After making several laps around the exhibit hall, there were a few products and companies that caught my attention and my wallet.

Check out who made the TOP 5 list:

  • Tribe One- OP Series MiniNet™. This unique add on to your pack system gives you an additional 18 liters of exterior storage space. By using the Tribe One PackTach™ System to anchor to any place on your pack. Made up of 3/16” shock cord it is extremely durable with a 300LB tensile strength. The anchor system is one of a kind and caught my attention because 1) it is completely moveable to any place you want to create an anchor point 2) the entire system is light weight at only 3.2 oz and 3) it connects in two pieces, the PackTach placed internally and the carabiner externally, without causing damage to your pack or fabric. I personally use a Badlands Diablo pack currently and was concerned about the system fitting such thick pack material. The guys reassured me with their display that with fits a variety of material types and as soon as I got home it was the first gear item I set up. Fits my pack like a glove! In addition to the MiniNet™ they also make a full size PackNet™ for larger packs and the Jungle Cord™, a high-tech braided shock cord that allows you to tie down anything you need, and secure it firmly by the ability to hook it back on its self. The limited lifetime warranty and great customer service make this a product worth using!
  • DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicators: Now this is a product that has been out since 2011, but is such a valuable and reliable product in areas that are not always forgiving. 90% of our adventures take us to places away from civilization and service areas. This GPS and communication system not only allows you to track your location white you are in the field but it provides a means texting other devices and mobile phones anywhere in the world. A key life saving feature that sets it apart from other GPS communication devices is its ability to use a two-way SOS communication system. This allows the emergency response team to directly communicate with you, identify the nature of the emergency, adequately prepare for the scenario and accurately identify your location. For a small annual and monthly fee (which could be suspended when not in use in off seasons) this is a tool far worth the investment. MADE IN AMERICA.
  • Prois Hunting Apparel: As far as technical clothing goes, finding comfortable, functional, pieces that actually fit a woman’s needs and body is virtually impossible for this picky hunter to find. But thankful Prois has come to the rescue! A company ran by hardcore women for hardcore women, Prois provides top of the line material, cuts, styles, waterproof and windproof pieces that make the entire line versatile for any season in any location. This line is for female hunters who go farther and harder beyond the regular hunt. We aren’t one of the boys anymore and glad to have an amazing company and product that supports this growing demographic of outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Top 5 Exhibitors at Western Hunting and Conservation Expo 2015, Wilderness AthleteWilderness Athlete: How did I survive 4 days of talking, running around and being surrounded by sick people? Wilderness Athlete products of course, specifically the Hydrate & Recover. After years of being on the market and using this product myself, I had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with the team. The products provided by Wilderness Athlete truly do help outdoor athletes of all types perform at their best and recover quicker. Coming from a scientific background myself, it is completely reassuring as a consumer to see a company utilize a Science, Research, and Formulations Board to ensure the best and safest products are developed and provided to outdoorsmen and women. This is a company who is passionate about providing a top quality product to help outdoor athletes be healthy and successful both in and out of the field.
  • Tie Boss: How many times have you had a ratchet tie down strap fail or only have yourself to rely on to hang up a deer or elk quarters in a tree? The Tie Boss makes it a simple, one person job to lift any heavy item where you want it or safely and securely tie down ATV’s or 4 wheelers. Working similarly to a window blind pull system, you can easily pull your quarter into a tree, even by yourself. What impressed me was some of the safety features of the Tie Boss. If for whatever reason, you lose your grip and drop your load you are lifting the Tie Boss system will catch and lock it so it will not fall to the ground due to its serrated jam cleat lock system. This is great for the lady hunters who hunt solo and need some light weight, durable products to give them the mechanical advantage to get the work done. MADE IN AMERICA.
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