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This image gallery is a compilation of trail camera pictures captured over several years. The gallery includes pictures of Coues whitetail, elk, mule deer, bear, mountain lion, as well as a few others. Moultrie, Stealth Cam Cuddeback and Primos cameras were used to capture the trail camera pictures. We feel that this gallery includes several images that are cool, unique, comedic and/or showcase a few giant big game animals.

It’s true that the use of trail cameras is a polarizing object within the hunting community. However, you can argue that the results — the images captured — are not. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing an image of a giant buck or bull, even if it was captured by a trail camera. Regardless of the laws and regulations wrapped around the trail camera, the pictures they capture, highlight the game animals that we — hunters — love to hunt, protect and conserve. If you are a hunter that utilizes trail cameras for scouting purposes, we challenge you to go about it in the most ethical way. Respect the rules, regulations and laws that govern their use in your state, and above all else, respect the property and freedom of others to do so as well. If you do NOT know the governing laws for the state(s) you hunt, we strongly encourage you to research further.

This gallery is intended to represent the wildlife found across the US, as well as the hunting community, in a positive light. If you have trail camera pictures that you believe are unique, fitting this gallery well, please send us with a note with images attached to contact[@] If we think they it fit well, we’ll upload them to the gallery. Until then, please enjoy the images currently in the gallery.

Giant Coues Whitetail

Trail Camera Pictures