Twisted Ladder

Twisted Timber Treestands Revolutionizes Climbing Into Your Treestand.

Twisted Ladder(December 5, 2014) Mountain Lake, MN-  Twisted Timber Treestands reveals the Twisted LadderTM .

The new patent pending Twisted LadderTM is a ladder that attaches to any tree with our proprietary fastening system and with a hidden profile.  Each of the 3 sections is 5’ long and connected with a patented ball joint connection that allows the ladder to twist and turn with the growth of the tree.  Additional sections can be purchased separately and are all interchangeable to allow you to get to heights from 5’ to 25’ feet.

“We had customer demand to create a product that would safely allow a hunter to hunt the trees that our T3 Leveling Technology allows hunters to access”, said Curt Fast, designer of the Twisted Timber Treestands.

“We wanted to create a product to have all the flexibility of climbing sticks, but with the safety, stability and comfort of a ladder stand. We have lots of outfitters who like our products and wanted a ladder for ease of use with their clients,” Curt further explained. “This system allows easy access to the “right” tree.

Quiet, Sturdy, Adaptable, Versatile- Twisted Timber Treestands- “Hunt Where You Need To!”

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