Tim Herald | Colorado
I was actually on a mule deer hunt in CO with Western Legends with a client. He was to shoot first, so when we found a big mature whitetail half way through the hunt, I opted to use my tag for that. We watched the buck from about 1,200 yards leave a weed field with a couple of does, and they went and bedded in the sandhills.

We decided to make a stalk, and less than an hour later, guide, Drummond Lindsey, and I were sitting 102 yards above the buck. We patiently waited for him to stand, and I dropped him in his tracks.

We knew the buck was only a 3×4, but he was heavy and old. Little did we know that he was 20″ inside, had 13″ G-2’s, great mass and would end up scoring 151″ as a 7 pointer. He was certainly a nice surprise.

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