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Find what you Need when you Need it with the Geo-Pak Series from Watson Airlock

Watson AirlockWashington, PA- Watson Airlock has found the solution for organizing, transporting and storing any item in your hunting arsenal. The Watson Geo-Pak Series™ has been designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes of hunting accessories and clothing, eliminating the frustrations of organizing the tools needed to fool the buck of a lifetime.

The Watson Geo-Pak Series offers four different classifications which have been customized for your every need. The Extra-Large Pak is an excellent option for protecting larger articles of clothing from unwanted scent. Pants, shirts and underwear can all be easily stored and organized within this 17” x 15.5” x 4” pack. The Large Geo-Pak measures 13” x 10” x 4” making it a first-rate choice for T-shirts, socks and underwear. This Geo-Pak is also very effective when storing hats, gloves, calls and any other mid-sized accessories.  Watson Geo-Pak Series™ (four cases) has an MSRP of $79.99.

Rounding out the Geo-Pak Series from Watson Airlock is the Geo-Pak Wedge and the Geo-Pak Cylinder. These packs are essential when keeping track of the smaller items that tend to disappear just when you need them. Purposely designed in a smaller, unique shape the Wedge and Cylinder will have gear at your fingertips while remaining scent-free at all times. From grunt calls to sweatshirts, the Geo-Pak Series from Watson Airlock will keep you organized and ready for anything the hunting season may bring.

About Watson AirLock: Watson AirLock® believes that excellent gear will result in a better hunting experience. With innovative design, unmatched quality and extreme durability, all of your gear will remain safe, dry, organized and scent-free. Watson AirLock® makes the best travel and storage solutions in the business. Trust your gear, your next hunt and your success to Watson AirLock®.

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