Wyoming Deer Hunt in Hot Weather | Bob Robb

Wyoming Deer Hunt in Hot Weather

by Bob Robb

Hunting southeastern Wyoming one October conditions went from bad to worse, meaning windy as heck to mega hot, with daytime temps pushing 90 degrees. The answer? Forget the spot & stalk hunting and go eastern setting a tree stand over an isolated waterhole and wait ‘em out.

The good news was, I had some intel on just where a likely spot was. I went and checked it out at lunchtime, doped the wind, and set a stand. Drove back to the cabin, had a nap, the showered up and was on stand four hours before sundown. I had set the stand so that it would be in the shade in the afternoon, so reading the cheap paperback novel I always carry to keep from going stir crazy sitting on stand was quite pleasant.

About an hour before sundown I heard some rocks clattering back in the trees. Soon a nice 10-point buck stepped into view. With little hesitation, he waded belly deep into the water and began to drink his fill. The bad news for him was, he was perfectly broadside and just 25 steps away. The good news for me was, I could drive the truck right up to the pond’s edge, so getting him back to camp was a snap.

While bowhunting whitetails you always have to stay flexible and be ready to switch gears as conditions demand. Here I had to quit hunting the way I wanted to, and instead, do what Mother Nature wanted me to do. And as we all know, trying to fool Mother Nature is a fool’s game.

Wyoming Deer Hunting

For more information on hunting White-tailed deer, mule deer and other big game species in Wyoming, visit https://wgfd.wyo.gov/.

Bob Robb

Bob Robb has been a full-time outdoor writer since 1978, and a contributor to, and the editor of, several prominent hunting magazines down thru the years. He also lived 15 years in Alaska, where he held an assistant hunting guide license. The best part of his job, he says, is it allows him to be in the woods between 120-140 days a year; what could be better than that?