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Wildgame Innovations: Trust What You See

2017 Wildgame Innovations Trail-cameras

Wildgame Innovations: Trust What You See Wildgame Innovations’ all-new, high performance mirage series digital scouting cameras are real…and so are the giants they capture images of. Dallas, TX (January 12, 2017) – It’s a powerful confidence-builder when hunters learn of a true giant lurking on their hunting property. This kind of scouting intelligence isn’t easy […]

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Monster velvet Coues buck!

First Day Coues

First Day Coues by Conrad Sheley My hunt began in January 2016. I love chasing Coues deer during the rut and I’ve taken three Pope and Young bucks doing just that. This year was different; I wasn’t hunting alone, my wife, son, and father decided that they also wanted to archery hunt the January rut. […]

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My Best Buck

My Best Buck by Zane Graham This past hunting season I was able to harvest the best buck of my hunting career. The buck first appeared at the end of December of the 2014 season on trail camera. He was a symmetrical 10 point with good tine length and showed potential to be a stud if given one […]

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Ramcat Broadheads

Ramcat Broadheads – Review

Ramcat Broadheads by Thomas Grill  In 2013, I dealt with the nightmare that no hunter ever wants to experience. I was unable to recover my animal.  I placed what appeared to be a perfect double lung shot on a doe at about 30 yards. I wasn’t being picky, she gave me the perfect opportunity to […]

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