Author: Thomas Grill

Thomas’ outdoor obsession began as child when he chased whitetail deer and small game throughout the coal infested hills of Pennsylvania. Upon high school graduation, he relocated to Wyoming where he completed a four year enlistment in the U.S. military as a police officer, followed by another six year enlistment in the intelligence field. After his military obligations, Thomas, became a private contractor for the Department of Defense, which led to multiple deployments. It did not matter what the job or environment was, he was always consumed with his passion for the great outdoors. When he arrived stateside after his last Afghanistan deployment, he decided that he had to make a career out of it. Since then, he enrolled and graduated from a professional hunting and fishing guide school based out of Colorado. He currently works as a North American hunting and fishing guide and is in pursuit of his own outfitting business. He loves his job and has the utmost respect for the sport and the wildlife. Overall, Thomas’ goal is to not only share his love for the outdoors with others, but to educate them in a manner that will promote greater success in the field. He feels that the more research you do in regards to the animals, the greater one’s obsession will become. With over 25 years of hunting and fishing experience, Thomas has successfully hunted and fished the United States from coast to coast. Furthermore, he has even spent time hunting and fishing abroad. His preferred weapons of choice include archery and black powder equipment. If he isn’t busy chasing big or small game animals, you can find him waterside with a fishing rod in hand.