Arrow FOC Calculator

Arrow FOC Calculator

Use the arrow FOC calculator to estimate Front of Center (FOC).

Arrow FOC Calculator

The Importance of Arrow FOC

What Is FOC and How Does It Affect Arrow Flight?

While F.O.C is less relevant in some bowhunting situations (short-range shots), it can be critical in others (long-range shots, when shooting low-poundage bows and fixing trajectory issues at the range). It’s generally accepted among archery experts that a high F.O.C. will fly with good stability, but will shed its trajectory quicker and nose-dive. An arrow with low F.O.C. will hold its trajectory better, but can fly erratically. Easton recommends an arrow with 10-15% F.O.C. for hunting setups and optimal accuracy – especially at long distances…-Learn More at

This arrow FOC calculator will help to estimate Front of Center (FOC).

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