BCX Buck Commander Extreme

BCX Buck Commander Extreme



BCX Buck Commander ExtremeFlextone Game Calls, the industry leader in natural sounding game calls, introduces the BCX Buck Commander® Extreme to its 2015 whitetail lineup.

Hunters know that game calls draw in deer, but many give up on calling or don’t take calls to the field because they don’t have the pack space or time to find the right calling device when the moment of truth arrives.

The BCX Buck Commander® Extreme not only makes all the most important whitetail calls, it does so easily by incorporating Flextone’s flex technology, which more accurately duplicates a whitetail’s throat anatomy. The result is natural-sounding calls that allow the hunter to project calmness or intensity based on what the situation calls for.

You never know what call you might need in a hunting situation. You might have to challenge a dominant buck, or you might have to lure in the doe he’s following. The BCX Buck Commander® Extreme creates buck grunts, doe bleats, fawn bleats and even an aggressive snort-wheeze, thanks to the built-in wheeze chamber. For estrus bleats and fawn bawls, simply apply pressure to the True-Tone buttons for perfect sound every time.

Other calls might be able to create multiple sounds, but the BCX Buck Commander® Extreme incorporates a patent-pending design that produces especially loud, nasally grunts designed to get the attention of a buck that might have other things on his mind – no more watching that monster buck walk away and wondering if he even heard your calls.

For a versatile call that does it all, get the one that Willie Robertson and the Buck Commander gang uses: the BCX Buck Commander® Extreme.

BCX Buck Commander® Extreme Advantages:

  • Patent-pending design for loud nasally grunts
  • “True-tone buttons” for perfect estrus bleats & fawn bawls
  • “Wheeze chamber” for super loud snort wheezes

For more information on the BCX Buck Commander® Extreme by Flextone Game Calls, go to: www.flextonegamecalls.com.

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