Get in the Groove

Get in the Groove | Darren Choate

Get in the Groove | Darren Choate

Get in the Groove

by Darren Choate

A few years ago I was hunting deer with a friend. Not having much luck one day, we ended up at a small cafe for a bite to eat. While we were talking and waiting for our food, I reached for my left hand to “spin” my ring — a habit I’ve formed over the years. To my surprise, the ring wouldn’t budge. When I looked to inspect the issue, I found my wedding band oddly misshapen, square even. I had no recollection of having done something to cause such a deformity, yet it was deformed. The only thought I had was that I remembered climbing in a rocky area earlier in the day, and speculated the ring must have somehow been caught between two rocks, causing its now imperfect shape. Later that evening, I was able to reshape the ring back into a semi-circle by spinning it on a tine of a shed elk antler. After a few weeks, the band split at its thinnest point.

Although my wife and I were disappointed in the loss of my original ring, we replaced it with a modern one. I ordered the ring online. This one matched my style; it featured deer tracks following its entire curvature.  Although I had downloaded and used a sizing chart, this ring was probably one size too big. However, at times it was so tight I could not get it off of my finger. I kept the ring, choosing to deal with the size issue. While on a second deer hunt, I decided to use a squirt of hand sanitizer to clean my hands. I pushed the handle down and began to rub on the sanitizer. As I did, I notice that I had no ring on my ring finger. I knew what happened. It was a cold morning, and while glassing I shook my hands vigorously to get the blood flowing and warm them up. The ring must have come off then. I went back to the approximate location to look for but never found the ring.

After two ring incidents, I researched all alternatives. My wife wanted me to get a tattoo, and I seriously considered it. However, later that next week I purchased another cool, expensive ring…one with deer tracks. This one I had engraved. I wore the ring on a few hunts, yet I still knew there must be something better for someone like me, someone with an active lifestyle.

In the Grove

Recently, I was introduced to Groove Silicone Wedding Rings, which are designed for men who are athletes, hunters, professionals, and outdoorsmen. It seemed a perfect fit. I was intrigued and selected three different rings (Mossy Oak, Kryptek and Realtree) in the Camo line. Individual rings in the camo line are priced at a reasonable $34.95, a fraction of what I spent on just one of my rings.

Groove Life Camo Collection

I put my Groove Life ring to the test on an antelope hunt in Colorado earlier this year; it performed well. The first few days I wore the Groove Life ring I constantly looked at my hand, fearing I had lost the ring. My frets were unfounded, the ring was so lightweight I didn’t feel it on my finger. Still “spinning” the ring on occasion, I am confident that wearing a pliable, yet durable ring is exponentially safer than a metal ring. (In fact, I’m lucky I hadn’t severely hurt my finger on my first ring incident mentioned above). After field-dressing my harvest I found the ring to be easily cleaned as well. I still wear my deer track wedding band on occasion when I’m not hunting, but I definitely won’t go on a hunt without one of my — much safer in the field — Groove Life silicone rings.

What I Like About the Groove Life Ring

  • Economical
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Pliable
  • Comes in camo
  • Safe to use in the field
  • Can wear a different ring for various occasions

Additionally, Groove Life has a wide selection of rings. If camo is not your style, they also have solid colors, Game Day, Hero, Spartan, Protector, America and Custom rings.


Designed and tested in Alaska by Groove Life’s CEO, Peter Goodwin, the best-selling Groove Original Ring is the world’s first breathable men’s silicone ring created for active lifestyles. Groove Original stands out for its breathable indented grooves which allow air in and moisture out, freeing you up to live actively, safely and comfortably. Successfully kickstarted in 2015, Groove Original surpassed its goal and launched a company!

Breathable grooves designed on interior of 80 durometer medical grade silicone made of two part construction; a soft outer band and firm inner band. Liquid poured with inverse “comfort fit” arch. Unisex. Low profile.

All Groove’s men’s silicone rings have our NO BS Lifetime Warranty. 8mm wide and 2mm (3/32″ +-) thickness. Choose from eight color options. Sizes 7-14. Customization option includes text, image, monogram or state.

Men’s silicone rings, what are they and why should you care? We are glad you asked! In today’s fast-paced world of family, work, working out, sports, and hobbies we are always on the go. Men are in a variety of circumstance throughout the day that require clothing and accessories to be versatile. Enter the best Men’s wedding band ever.

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