by Scott Haugen

Over the course of a hunting season and throughout the year, I field test all sorts of gear. From clothes to bows, guns to lights, packs to trail cameras, boots to beanies, and much more, there’s always something new I’m being sent to try out.

LoopRopeSome of these items are solid and worthy of sharing with the rest of the hunting world. Some are terrible and never make it to the market–some are terrible and make it to market. Others are a gold mine, but due to poor marketing, don’t make it into the hands of sportsmen.

Last year, I tried out many new products while hunting deer and elk throughout the West. Now, those who know me know I’m not much of a gadget guy. I’m a believer in the lighter a person can travel, with only the necessary gear, the more efficient they’ll be. But there is one tool, of all the gear I tested over the past 15 months that impressed me most. It’s called the LoopRope.

The LoopRope is an ingenious tool, and were I running a contest of the best gear tested in the last year, the LoopRope would win first place. Why? Because it’s practical, has a wide range of applications and it works, period.

The LoopRope is like a bungee on steroids, but with many more places of implementation, and it’s safer. The unique features that make the LoopRope so effective are that multiple loops allow you to custom-fit it to any load, and once it stretches to a certain point, it solidly holds in place.

Unlike standard bungees that continue stretching, becoming potentially dangerous, the LoopRope firmly holds in place once stretched to its limit, meaning there’s no fear of stressing it to the point where it snaps. Constructed of doubled-up 1/4-inch heavy duty shock cord, the LoopRope comes in three, four, and five foot lengths. If desiring a longer one, simply join them together.

If looking to secure large loads with a cargo net, simply link multiple LoopRopes together at any point. What you get is more efficient use of space and the loads are much more secure due to the pressure being applied at specific points rather than randomly spread throughout the load. They can also be linked together or attached to various objects with the military-grade steel S-clips, two of which come with each rope. I’ve found myself getting extra S-clips as they have many uses.

What really caught my attention was how secure the LoopRope can be, then how vast the uses truly are for this tool. I first strapped it to my pack frame, hauling deer, elk and bear out of the woods. Then I used the LoopRope on a horseback hunting trip into the Wyoming wilderness. Not only did I use it on the horses, but the LoopRope also became a valued tool in camp to help with various chores.

LoopRope for packing.The more I use the LoopRope, the more applications I discover. In addition to using the LoopRope on numerous hunts throughout the West, I also found many uses for it on fishing and camping trips. The LoopRope has served as a clothes line, tent tie-down, dog leash, fishing rod holder, storage rack, compression strap and has held an array of items in place while on the road. Tired of coolers, gas cans and propane bottles sliding around in the back of the truck? It’s no longer a concern–simply hold them in place with a LoopRope.

The only limits I’ve found for the LoopRope are in the imagination. My wife now carries a couple in her SUV; to secure groceries and other loads that moms always seem to have. My dad uses it to secure his golf clubs in the back of his truck, so they don’t roll around. It also works well when hauling trailer loads to the dump or recycle center, as it snuggly holds trash bags, brush and piles of tree limbs securely in place.

For those folks who haul boats, trailers, motorcycles and ATVs, the LoopRope is invaluable. Not only can the LoopRope be used to directly secure items to a trailer, they can be used to hold loads solidly in place in boats, on ATVs and more. They’re also perfect for securing smokers, grills and BBQs when heading on that summer getaway.

The LoopRope comes in multiple colors and is becoming more available at sporting goods stores around the country. To learn more about the diversity of the LoopRope, check out the extensive series of quality video clips at www.looprope.com and see for yourself why the LoopRope won my choice of top gear pick of the year.

Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen is a full-time author, host of Trijicon’s The Hunt, producer, and speaker. With more than 40 years of hunting experience, a Masters degree in education, 12 years of public school teaching and more than 1,500 magazine articles, a dozen books and over 350 TV episodes to his credit, Haugen is a wealth of outdoor knowledge. Scott Haugen has hunted numerous countries and across much of North America, but his deepest passion lies in hunting the American West. You can learn more about Scott, his public appearances and book titles at www.scotthaugen.com.