Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter

by Mia Anstine

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady HunterI am pleased to learn that this hunting season many new lady hunters were added to our ranks. Many went out this with mentors and began to learn the ropes and fill their hunting tags. If you’re hooked on hunting, now it’s time for you to start thinking about purchasing your own hunting rifle.

I remember my first hunting rifle. My dad gave it to me. It’s filled lots of tags, but if I wonder, if I had been the one to decide, would I still choose the same firearm?

How did you come by your first rifle?

Three important things you should look at before you buy your hunting rifle:

  1. Determine what animals you will hunt with the rifle.
  2. Research the regulations in the area you intend to hunt.
  3. Determine legal caliber for take of game in your state.

After that, there is a list a mile long about the pros and cons of a rifle. Many of the reasons for a rifle being “the best” are that of personal preference. I for one would suggest something that shoots flat. That means one that projects the flattest arch of the bullet as it hits its mark at various yardages. After that, look at the size, weight and make-up of the rifle.

My suggestion as to the “best” rifle for a lady is one that fits. You need to be able to hold it up, reach the trigger and carry it for a week of hunting.

If you can find the opportunity and friends to help, go to the range and try several rifles. Shoot from a rest, stick or off-hand when you’re trying the rifle. Shooting sleds are great for sighting in, but when you’re practicing for a hunt or testing a rifle, you won’t get the true feel of the gun. If you have the gun anchored in a sled, you won’t feel the balance or recoil.

A Rifle for the Ladies

I recently tested the Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter in .243 caliber. I usually shoot a Winchester Model 7 in .270 caliber. Although it’s my favorite, it’s big, long, and heavy; and bucks a little more than some may like. I’ve used it to hunt mule deer, black bear and even elk. I’m certain I would not use this .243 to hunt elk because it’s a bit on the light side for rifle calibers. However, it feels great and I did take it out to hunt deer.

The Lady Hunter is perfectly designed for women. It comes with a reduced length, oil finished walnut stock, and it’s designed with a raised comb to fit persons of smaller stature. The reduced length allows women to reach the trigger with ease. At 39.5” overall length it allows a lady to reach the forestock and easily support the rifle during a shot. Overall, it’s a well-balanced rifle for a lady hunter.

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady HunterWomen are often worried about kick when they shoot a new rifle, and lighter rifles tend to buck. With the reduced stock and a carbon fiber barrel, this sweet little gun weighs in at 6-pounds (without optics). The wood stock, combined with an extended butt pad made for very little recoil. When I took it to the range, it was quite nice and a smooth shooter.

With the trigger pull at a proper length for my small arms, I was shooting tight-grouped patterns with the .243 in no time. This is partially because of Savage’s Accutrigger design. The trigger safety design allows for the lightest trigger pull allowed, yet is safe against accidental jarring discharge. I was happy I did not have to worry about pulling my shots.

In reference to safety, the manual safety switch is located on top of the action, just behind the bolt. The red “ready to fire” is easy to see. The button’s profile is fairly flush so it reduces the risk of being accidentally switched while you’re hiking in the field. It’s easily activated with your thumb so movement and the possibility of scaring off animals are minimal.

My take on the Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter is that it is a great all around rifle for women. Although I tested the .243 caliber, it’s available in other calibers. If you’ll be hunting big-game animals, such as elk, moose or bear, I do suggest going with a larger caliber. It’s so well designed for the lady hunter; I’m thinking you’ll enjoy this gun for years to come.

Choosing a lady’s hunting rifle is primarily about personal preference.

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter
MSRP $872

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