Coues Hunt

Coues Hunt

by Darren Choate

A father and son hunt Coues bucks together in the Arizona desert.

Coues - Coues Buck - Coues Hunt - Father and Son HuntCoues Hunt – This past week my son, Colton, and I enjoyed a memorable hunt for Coues bucks in southern Arizona. Last year, Colton took his first buck, a small Coues deer on a juniors-only hunt. This year he and I both had tags. After enjoying the festivities of Thanksgiving with our family, we set off on a hunting adventure early the next morning. After a five-hour drive, we quickly set up camp and headed out to glass for deer. That afternoon we only saw three deer, all of which appeared to be does — all we got was a glimpse of white tails bouncing through the thick brush. However, we were excited about the coming days of the hunt.

The next morning we climbed high up a mountain to a familiar glassing point. It took us over an hour to find the first deer; it was a buck! The little Coues buck quickly disappeared into the thick brush. We assumed that the buck bedded, and took a long hike to investigate further. Of course, you know what assuming does — we never saw the buck again. The next morning we did not spot a deer after several hours of glassing. It seems that the moon phase had deer moving best in the afternoon, and that’s when we finally found Colton a buck.

On the third afternoon of the hunt, it only took us a few minutes of glassing during the heat of the day to find a few Coues on the move. The deer were protected in the shaded cuts of the mountain slopes, which offered cooler temperatures. We glassed up a small buck and moved in closer for a shot; however, once we got closer we were not able to relocate the buck. We sat down to glass a few other ridges when Colton spotted another deer. I put my 15x Swarovskis on the deer to find a nice two-point Coues buck. The buck was just over 260 yards, and Colton made the shot and harvested his second Coues buck. It was getting dark, so we quickly field-dressed the buck, and drug it back to the truck.

Although my tag was not filled, I had a great time on the hunt and enjoyed in Colton’s success. Any hunt that you can share with another is a memorable event, but sharing a hunt with your son or daughter is something that will create an unbreakable bond. I encourage you to share a hunt with your son, daughter or family member. Please keep an eye out for Colton’s story coming soon to Western Whitetail.

Coues - Coues Buck - Coues Hunt - Father and Son Hunt

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